Circular Centre

is a social enterprise, envisioning a society of zero exclusion and zero residual products. We are a not-for-profit organization, created to support female migrants and female refugees and help them align their skills with the Swedish job market.

As a social, work-integration company, Circular Centre believes in the inherent power and willingness of all people to take responsibility. We strive to increase inclusion in the labor market, so that more people get the chance to have a meaningful existence. That is why we create job opportunities for women who find it most difficult to enter the labor market, a process that can take many years for refugees and their relatives.

We believe that all people have the potential to become employees and be able to do a good job – they just need the right help. This is precisely the necessary assistance that we want to provide. Through this, more women should be able to have a sense of belonging in the society and reach their goal of having a job that they enjoy.

Circular Centre develops training programs based on the principles of circular economy, in partnership with several industries, while it has developed methods for creating low skilled positions in collaboration with public and private actors, both locally and nationwide.



Anziani e Non Solo

is an NGO working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on project management and realization of services and products in the field of welfare and social inclusion.

The activities carried out by Anziani e Non Solo concern different social domains, such as:

1) Support on matters, such as employability and social inclusion of disadvantaged groups
2) Prevention of abuse and discrimination and promotion of equal opportunities
3) Support and empowerment of disadvantaged young persons: skills development, social inclusion and school to work transition
4) Training and support to family carers, informal and formal/adult and young carers
5) Active ageing, intergenerational activities and support of frail and dependent seniors

ANS’ competences include:

1) Social project management
2) Social research
3) Pilot projects in the social field
4) Training and e-learning
5) Validation of informally acquired skills
6) Counselling


Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups – “EDRA” is a Non-Profit Organization – Social Cooperative, operating in the fields of Mental Health, Intellectual Disability, Child & Family and Vulnerable Social Groups since 2001. In particular, EDRA aims at raising awareness on matters concerning mental health and defending the rights of vulnerable groups.

Moreover, the organization is very active in the field of EU projects, having coordinated multiple large scale projects under Erasmus+ (KA2, Sport) and Creative Europe (Culture) programs, as well as having participated in numerous projects as a partner. Such projects primarily concern:

1) Mental illness prevention, therapy and rehabilitation through a variety of therapeutic approaches (sports, culture, digital skills etc.)
2) Social inclusion of excluded and marginalized groups (migrants, refugees etc.), as well as integration into local communities
3) Mitigation of inequalities in education, by providing the necessary skills and competences in order to join the labour market


Social Innovation Fund is non-governmental organisation established in 1994, in order to assist people with fewer opportunities and disadvantaged backgrounds to make positive changes in their life, through the provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice.

Since its establishment, SIF works with different socially disadvantaged groups: migrants, long-term unemployed, people in remote areas and other disadvantaged groups. SIF provides help and assistance to the low-skilled adults having fewer opportunities in the society and the labour market, with a special focus on women.

It aims to foster their social inclusion, employability and entrepreneurship through training, guiding, coaching and mentoring services, as well as contribute to their empowerment and improvement of their capacities, in order to be competent and successful in the labour market. SIF specialists organize training, coaching and mentoring activities for at least 100 persons per year.

An extensive partners’ network containing around 200 international and 200 national partners (including NGOs, public bodies, universities, VET organisations, private companies) has been established and maintained.


INDICO (International Institute of Innovation, Knowledge and Competences) is an International Agency for Knowledge and Innovation in Vocational Training for Persons and Organisations. It is a non-profit organisation for project management, transfer of project results, and innovation in knowledge development using new technologies applications.

INDICO is acknowledged by public institutions like the regional government and office of employment as a training provider; by collaborating with them, it performs labor intermediation activities that are intended to provide employeeswith career opportunities suitable to their characteristics, as well as employers with the most appropriate candidates, suitable to their requirements and needs.

The organisation’s aims are managing and promoting innovative and creative projects in different sectors, improving personal skills and competences, while promoting the real and the virtual mobility. Also, INDICO offers a variety of courses (on-line and blending) in different professional areas.The virtual classroom displays an innovative method of learning, where most of the courses are guided by a tutor. INDICO has been participating in European education projects since the year 2009. Most of the transnational experience is focused on didactic innovation in materials and methodologies, social inclusion, as well as in the leading edge of technical innovation.